Hreyfiskynjari Pro Frient (Zigbee)

Hreyfiskynjari Pro Frient (Zigbee)

Hreyfiskynjari Pro Frient (Zigbee)

Frient Zigbee hreyfiskynjari með útskiptanlegum 2x AA rafhlöðum.

IP stuðull: IP30

Neminn skynjar einnig hitastig, birtustig, rakastig og er með fiktvörn.

Virkar m.a með Homey og smartthings snjallstöðvunum.


kr. 6.900

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frient Motion Sensor Pro – a 3 in 1 Sensor (motion, light and temperature). Imagine always having a frient looking after motion, light, and temperature in your and your loved ones’ homes – all in one. You know, someone who texts you if something’s moving in the kitchen while you’re at work. Someone who can watch out for your elderly grandma who lives far away and alert you if something is wrong with her.

A secure home starts with a smart frient. The frient sensor is a smart home device that lets you detect movements, light, and temperature. The Motion Sensor Pro is designed to help you through the day in whatever way you need. It makes life easier when you are at home and more secure when you are away. Your new frient lets you know if there’s movement in your home when it shouldn’t be – allowing you to act fast and protect your home.

Keep an eye on your home and your loved ones. Want to turn on the lights, turn off the music, or adjust the thermostat? Your frient is right there to do it for you. Want to check up on a loved one who lives alone? The Zigbee-based Motion Sensor Pro also works as a healthcare monitor, tracking movements in your grandmother’s house and telling you if something isn’t right.

No more blind spots. Install your Motion Sensor Pro wherever it fits best and has a good view of your home. Your new smart home frient comes with different mounting options giving you maximum flexibility to place your sensors in a discreet but effective way. It can look down on you from an upper corner in your kitchen or stand on your sideboard to watch over your living room. You can also keep it simple and tape the Motion Sensor Pro to a wall in your rooms.

Your user-friently housesitter. Don’t waste your time on complex instruction manuals. There’s no need for the hassle when you have a frient to take care of it. The Motion Sensor Pro offers advanced technology but is easy to install. With great usability comes great responsibility, and your frient won’t disappoint you. It makes safety and automated home routines uncomplicated. Wake up, go to work, feel in control. Eat, sleep, relax, repeat. Home is always a click away.

Unlike the FRIZMOSZB-141, the frient Motion Sensor Pro (Zigbee) provides you a temperature and light sensor as well as tamper protection.


  • Motion, light and temperature sensor
  • Dimensions: 70 x 70 x 21 mm
  • Power supply battery: 2 x AA, exchangeable
  • Battery life: 3 years, reporting every 2 minutes
  • Battery level and low battery warning can be reported
  • Radio Sensitivity: -92 dBm
  • Radio Output power: +3 dBm
  • IP class: IP30
  • Operation temperature 0 to +50°C
  • Relative humidity 5% – 85%, non condensing
  • Motion sensor sensitivity range: 9 m
  • View angle: 45° up/down, left/right
  • Two trigger levels: one for occupancy and one for alarm
  • Light sensor resolution: dark, light, bright
  • Temperature sensor range: 0 to +50°C
  • Temperature resolution: 0.1°C (accuracy ± 0.5°C)
  • Zigbee 3.0



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